Katy Trail Bike Ride - 2017

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From May 22-27, 2017, I rode the Katy Trail 'Rails to Trails' bike path across southern Missouri.

I had my iPhone with me, so I took some pictures and recorded some video from day to day along the trail.  

This was only my second attempt at taking and using photos or videos with an iPhone, so this isn't by any means a great multi-media presentation, but it is a good and accurate documentation of my six day trip.  Now if I could just make that iPhone not jiggle so much when I'm riding my bike ...  :-)

(The text below is included in a slide on part 1 of the presentation if you would rather view it there.)

The Katy Trail is a 237 mile 'Rails to Trails' bike path stretching across most of the state of Missouri. Over half of it follows Lewis and Clark's journey on the Missouri River.  A Rails to Trails corridor is the result 
of what was once an abandoned rail route that has been converted to a bicycling path.

The rails are removed and a bike/walking/hiking (and sometimes equestrian) trail is built  to replace the old track.

All the existing routing, train trestles, and old station locations are incorporated to allow the 
users of the trail to follow the exact route through the countryside, across rivers and creeks and 
through cities that were originally on the route.

The surface is usually a hard crushed sand and gravel mixture which results in a smooth path.

In the U.S. there are currently more than 2,000 Rails to Trails conversions totaling 22,851 miles. 
The Katy Trail in Missouri is the 2nd longest Rails to Trails project.

Riding the old railroad lines is a pleasurable and satisfying experience as you travel the back
country and view all the sights along the way! 

This 8-part slideshow album has been uploaded to my Multi-Media site.

Click on the photo link below for the "Katy Trail Bike Ride - 2017". Thanks for watching!

Day 1

Katy Trail Bike Ride 2017 - Part 1

Day 2

Katy Trail Bike Ride 2017 - Part 2

Day 3a

Katy Trail Bike Ride 2017 - Part 3

Day 3b

Katy Trail Bike Ride 2017 - Part 3a

Day 4a

Katy Trail Bike Ride 2017 - Part 4

Day 4b

Katy Trail Bike Ride 2017 - Part 4a

Day 5

Katy Trail Bike Ride 2017 - Part 5

Day 6

Katy Trail Bike Ride 2017 - Part 6



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