Cheryl's Summer 2017 Trip - Part 1

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We took a road trip this summer.  Usually Cheryl likes me to do all the planning and figuring out where we are going to go and then she says she will just be happy to follow.  Such a deal, huh?  :-)  But before we go I always show her a general itinerary and tell her to have a look and if there is anything 100 miles or so off the route at any time, or for that matter, on the route, that she would like to see, just let me know and we will add it to the trip.  She does pick things she wants to see and places she wants to go, but she likes me to do all the beginning research and planning for what it's going to look like.

Having said that, this time we decided to do something different.  I asked Cheryl to make up an itinerary of some things she would like to see and do and pick out everyone of them, with just her in mind, so that everything we did wouldn't just be her finding some things to do on "my" trip, but rather would be only those things she was interested in and not to worry about me - I would just enjoy letting her take the lead and would tag along and I'm sure I would find lots of interesting things and places along her planned route.

So that is what we did and the trip ended up being 24 days long, involving 4700 miles and 17 states, plus the District of Columbia.  Now we didn't do things in every one of those states.  Some were just on the route to get to and back from where we went.  Plus there was an unexpected detour at one point, but we did makes stops in about 10 of those states.

There will be several parts in this series which we will call - "Cheryl's Summer 2017 Trip"

Part 1 includes:

  • Barker Mansion, Michigan City, IN
  • Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN
  • RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum, Elkhart, IN

Click on the photo link below to access "Cheryl's Summer 2017 Trip Part 1".  Thanks for watching!

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RV-MH Hall of Fame and Museum - Aug 2017 - 20_CRV-MH Hall of Fame and Museum - Aug 2017 - 20_C


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