May 2016 Western Trip - Part 16

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Bodie, California is the quintessential western ghost town.  This famous site is a California state park located on the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  A kind of out-of-the-way place that is not really close to anything but well worth the trip to see it.

I have seen many photos of this place over the years with wonderful morning and evening sunlight, highlighting the beautiful old rustic buildings that make up this old ghost town.  This was one of my highlights I was looking forward to on our trip for some interesting photographic possibilities.  We got locked out of Yosemite National Park because of the weather earlier in our trip and now we found ourselves at 8500 ft, about 34 degrees and light snow occurring. Even though we were wearing shorts a couple days ago, we were now up in the high plains and it was still only the end of May, so you have to take it as it is given to you ... :-)

We still enjoyed our time here and with this visit we present you with overcast, chilly Bodie, but with hopes of another visit in the future to experience this ghost town in its photographic excellence.

Click on the photo link below to access Part 16 of the May 2016 Western Trip.  Thanks for watching!

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May 2016 Western Trip - Bodie CA - 01May 2016 Western Trip - Bodie CA - 01


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