May 2016 Western Trip - Part 14

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Even if you're not a wine drinker you'll want to spend some time in the Napa Valley of California visiting some of the over one hundred large and small vineyards and wineries.We began our exploration by driving into the city of Napa to check out the wonderful visitor center there.  These friendly folks will answer all your questions and tell you everything you need to know about what to see and what to do.

Of course for many that will include some wine tasting tours, but even if you are not wine drinkers like ourselves, there is still so  much to see.  The vineyards and wineries offer up spectacular scenery, architecture, beautiful landscaping, interesting museums and even art galleries to name but a few of the things to see as you make your way through the center of Napa Valley and pull off here and there to sample a taste of all there is to discover.  In fact there was so much to see, we only explored a small percentage of all the different vineyards in our 8 hour day.  We've created a Napa Valley Part One as part 13 of our trip and a Napa Valley Part Two as part 14 to share some of what we experienced!

Click on the photo link below to access Part 14 of the May 2016 Western Trip.  Thanks for watching!

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May 2016 Western Trip - Napa Valley - 24May 2016 Western Trip - Napa Valley - 24


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