May 2016 Western Trip - Part 18

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The World War II Manzanar Japanese Refugee Camp is a place I had wanted to visit for sometime.  Manzanar is one of several refugee camps built during World War II to house Japanese Americans, who were then thought to be a possible threat to the U.S. You can read about this time period in any history book, but a visit to one of the actual sites like Manzanar, which is just a few miles north of Lone Pine, California, and a National Historic Site, is well worth the time and visit to experience first hand the environment and historical, social and cultural aspects and significance of this event in our history.  Our hosts, Sab & Ann Sasaki provided an interesting discussion and an especially significant perspective, as Sab was one of the occupants of the camp during World War II when he was seven years old.           

Click on the photo link below to access Part 18 of the May 2016 Western Trip.  Thanks for watching!

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May 2016 Western Trip - Manzanar Japanese Camp - 29May 2016 Western Trip - Manzanar Japanese Camp - 29


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